Any item in the gallery may be ordered simply by sending me an email at

I will get back in touch with you as soon as I can. 


Hand bound books can come in all shapes, sizes and bindings.  All of my books are covered in hand marbled paper.  The papers used inside are archival and suitable for writing, sketching or painting with acrylics.  Upon request, I can make books suitable for watercolors.  Prices of books vary, so each price will be listed with the description of the book.  Shipping is extra for books.

Japanese Folding Book Necklaces are wearable works of art.  Each necklace hangs from a ribbon and is adorned with a charm. Covers are hand marbled or handmade papers. Inside paper is divided into fourths, creating  eight little pages for writing your dreams, inspirational messages, mantras, prayers, or drawings.  You create your own little book to wear and keep with you always.  Each necklace is $10, shipping included.  Charms and papers vary upon availability.  If you want a particular charm or color, I will make it for you if I have the correct materials.

BEER BOOKS – Each beer book contains 12-16 pages suitable for thoughts, sketches, lists, or passwords.  These little books are the perfect gift for the person who has everything.  If you want a particular brand of beer, send me 2 coasters, and I’ll make it into a book for you. $10-$15 +shipping