fireflies original art

little works of wearable and usable art for you 


Fireflies flit and flitter from place to place, twinkling as they go. I like to think of my art flittering all over the world making people happy. 

Although I create specific books, beer books and Japanese folding books, I will also try to accommodate people wanting a particular color or charm for a Japanese folding book necklace, or a particular size book for journaling or using as a sketchbook.  Work can be mailed to anyplace in the USA and to APO addresses.  International sales will require extra postage. 

A gallery of my work will be posted as work becomes available.  Beer books, my latest creation, sell for $10-$15 + shipping, depending on the beer coaster.  Japanese folding book necklaces with charms sell for $10, shipping included.  Book prices vary, as does the shipping charges for the books.  Special orders are welcome.

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