fireflies original art

little works of wearable and usable art for you 


Fireflies flit and flitter from place to place, twinkling as they go. I like to think of my art flittering all over the world making people happy. 

My first art love is making books. I love to work with paper, marble paper, and  create things out of paper. My Japanese folding books are usually blank for you to add your own work. I also love to make little journals and beer books. Beer books, one of my original creations, are great gifts for the guy that has everything. I use them for passwords; others keep a list of all the beers they had tried. It’s all fun!

A gallery of my work is posted. If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces, please email me with the name of the piece you want, and I will send you the information for payment. I prefer payment through PayPal, but can do charges. Prices do not reflect postage, unless stated. If you have a special order request, just let me know.

Currently, Katelin Marie (who works for ARTOMAT, the art distributed throughout the world in repurposed cigarette machines), is recovering from surgery for breast cancer. Katelin is young, vibrant, and always smiling. Unfortunately, her hefty bills were not completely covered by insurance. The art community is rallying to help her. I am donating 25% of all my sales to her from this website. So, please buy art! Not only are you helping my business stay alive during the Covid-19 restrictions, but you are helping a beautiful young woman get her life back in gear. Thank you for all of your help and support!

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